Most common address for Finnish buildings?

If my SQL is correct, the most common address name for a building in Finland is Rantatie (Shore road), if null values are excluded that is. According to my query*, there are a total of 5634 buildings residing along a road called Rantatie. The second most common address for a building is Kirkkotie (Church road), followed by Vanhatie (Old road), Koulutie (School road) and Keskustie (Central road).


Rantatie buildings clustered.

Not the most interesting map, likely the buildings are where people are. Maybe calculating the proportion of Rantatie buildings per municipality or some such would be more interesting.

*Query below

SELECT osoite_fi, count(*)
FROM osoitteet.osoitteet_ei_null
GROUP BY osoite_fi
ORDER BY count(*) DESC


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